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  • How does Scandy Pro stack up?

Scandy Pro Vs. Tethered 3D Scanners

Scandy Pro offers professional-grade 3D scans in a pocket-sized package. We free you from wires and cords by using 3D depth sensors embedded directly into your phone, allowing you to go everywhere, see anything, and scan everything.

Scandy Pro Vs. Turntable 3D Scanners

Turntable scanners are limited by object size. Want to measure the size of a piece of furniture? You’re out of luck. Scan something as small as a piece of fruit, all the way up to a full-sized bed with the free range of movement Scandy Pro provides.

Scandy Pro Vs. Expensive Professional Scanners

Professional-grade 3D scanners can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. We’re aiming to pack a similar punch into Scandy Pro for a lot less than that. This combination of convenience, power, and portability won’t break the bank any longer.