Scandy Pro now available on the Google Play Store

You can now download the future of 3D scanning. Scandy Pro is here for Tango smartphones like the Phab 2 Pro. Create high-quality 3D models without the need for attachments, wires, or connections.

Download Scandy Pro today on the Google Play Store

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  • Scanned with Scandy Pro

Living Room by Scandy on Sketchfab
 Create comfy scenes like this one with nothing but a phone with Scandy Pro  

Charlie the office dog by Scandy on Sketchfab
A 3D scan of Charlie, one of Scandy's beloved office pups during a late night coding session. 

Tree and Bush by Scandy on Sketchfab
Scandy Pro creates your scans without the need of an internet connection. That allows you to go outside and take scans like this one.

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  • About Scandy Pro

Precise, portable, fast, and affordable. Scandy Pro unlocks your ability to create real-time 3D scans from an Android device using time-of-flight technology from pmd. Easily create and edit 3D meshes suitable for high-resolution 3D printing or precision CAD work.


Create more precise scans than other scanning apps that use Tango. We are the only Tango app that specializes in object-scale scanning and meshing for Tango-enabled devices.



Other high-quality 3D scanners can be expensive, clunky and tethered to computers. Scandy Pro uses Tango’s embedded depth sensing tech to track and build 3D modes on the fly. You don’t need an internet connection either.


Scandy Pro resolves your 3D data on-device in real time. 3D scanning an object looks more like a video instead of static images that build all at once. Know exactly what you’re scanning when you’re scanning it.


We want you to begin creating 3D models with Scandy Pro, so we’re letting you try it for FREE! Don’t believe us? Download it for yourself today! Scandy Pro is perfect for the entry-level 3D scanning enthusiast or as a companion piece for a $10,000 industrial-grade scanner.