Scandy Pro with Scandy Core on the new Asus ZenFone AR

The Scandy team got Scandy Pro with Scandy Core running on the new Asus ZenFone AR in under 6 hours. The versatile Scandy Core SDK makes developing, testing, and deploying 3D-enabled apps easier than ever.

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  • About Scandy Pro

Precise, portable, fast, and affordable. Scandy Pro unlocks your ability to create real-time 3D scans from an Android device using time-of-flight technology from pmd. Easily create and edit 3D meshes suitable for high-resolution 3D printing or precision CAD work.


Capture fine details from objects of all shapes and sizes with Scandy Pro. Scandy Pro packs a big punch in a small package.

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Other high-quality 3D scanners can be expensive, clunky and tethered to computers. Scandy Pro uses tiny time-of-flight 3D sensors, which can be embedded into Android devices.


Scandy Pro tracks and scans objects in real time, resolving every frame on device in an average of .32 seconds. That means 3D scanning an object looks more like a video, instead of a static scan.


Scandy Pro captures 3D scans that rival the quality of a $10,000+ professional 3D scanner at a fraction of the price.

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  • Scanned with Scandy Pro

Couch by Scandy on Sketchfab
 The Scandy office couch 3D scanned with Scandy Pro using a 4m^3 bounding box.  

keyboard by Scandy on Sketchfab
A scan of Cole’s keyboard, forearm, and hand with a .25m^3 bounding box. Notice the veins in Cole’s arm, and the accurate details of the keyboard. 

Toro by Scandy on Sketchfab
A bust of pmd technologies’ own Toro, using a .25m^3 bounding box.

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  • Use Cases


Use Scandy Pro to create precise scans for reverse engineering or for testing and verification.

3D Modeling

Save time and effort by getting a head-start on your 3D artwork by importing Scandy Pro models!

Video Games

Import 3D models made with Scandy Pro directly into game development platforms like Unity!

Body Scanning

Make clothes that fit, thanks to the precise measurements of Scandy Pro. Use Scandy to create comfortable prosthetic limbs for a patient, whether they be human or animal.


Import 3D models made with Scandy Pro directly into game development platforms like Unity!


Help your students learn about robotics, measurements, 3D printing, scanning, and product development, all with one device.