Middleware that turns your 3D data into a 3D mesh

Work in 3D with Scandy Core

Whether you need a tool to perform inspections, make 3D meshes, verify new parts, or anything else that uses 3D data, the versatile Scandy Core middleware helps us quickly develop, test, and deploy 3D-enabled apps for any of your business needs.

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  • Looking to add 3D scanning to your workplace?

Scandy custom-fits 3D scanning solutions for any size company. Beginning with only 10 lines of code, we can make an app that scans, edits, views, and saves 3D data for you. Record a data set and play it back without having to stop what you’re doing. Contact us and see just how simple it is to implement a powerful 3D-enabled app into your workflow.

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  • Advantages to Scandy Core


Do more in 3D with Scandy Core’s robust tracking capabilities. Keep track of your location in 3D space with Scandy Core’s tracking functionality. You can also easily use a devices’ IMU to further refine your tracking.


Scanning is at the backbone of Scandy Core. Easily start and end the pico flexx’s 3D data stream, set a bounding box size, control fps and exposure. Harness the power of Core and the pico flexx to add 3D scanning capabilities to your project.


Scandy Core renders the raw point cloud data from the pico flexx into a 3D mesh. Scandy Core’s meshing algorithm is robust enough to resolve hundreds of data points while remaining versatile enough to run on a mobile phone. Save and export the mesh as a PLY, STL, or OBJ.


Scandy core is a smart, sensor-agnostic middleware. Whether you’re using your own 3D sensor, or want to work with our hardware partners to find the best 3D sensing technology to fit your needs, we can implement a custom 3D scanning solution for your company.

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  • Uses

AR/VR experiences

Are you looking to create an AR/VR application? Use Scandy Core to scan something in one room, and upload it into VR to view in a whole other dimension!

3D scanning for the masses

Create a 3D enabled app that has the potential to be seen by millions. Plug in the Scandy Core SDK to get a jumpstart on the competition.

3D scanning for multiple devices

We’re creating an all-inclusive development platform that will allow you to be creative in three dimensions. We’re hammering away at the best Android functionality we can achieve, and are looking forward to bringing this SDK to Windows and iOS platforms as well!

Video games

Don’t spend another second creating another 3D model from scratch, and instead, scan your friends, and drop them into your latest unity project. Use them as placeholders, or clean them up and interact with them in the virtual world.