An SDK to realize your 3D data into a 3D mesh

Scandy Pro with Scandy Core on the new Asus ZenFone AR

The Scandy team got Scandy Pro with Scandy Core running on the new Asus ZenFone AR in under 6 hours. The versatile Scandy Core SDK makes developing, testing, and deploying 3D-enabled apps easier than ever.

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  • Looking to create a 3D Scanning application?

With only 10 lines of code, you can begin creating an app to scan, edit, view, save, and interact with 3D data. With Scandy Core, you can record a data set and play it back without having to stop what you’re doing. Check out our code sample below and see just how simple it is to create a powerful 3D-enabled app using your existing knowledge.

  // include scandycore so we can make 3D magic happen
      #include <scandycore.h>

      using namespace scandy::core;
      using namespace std;

      int main(){
        // Create the ScandyCore instance with a Visualizer window of 400x400
        auto core = ScandyCore(400,400);

        // Get a reference to the ScandyCore Visualizer
        auto viz = core.getVisualizer();

        // Create a scandy::core::TestViewport
        auto viewport = std::make_shared<TestViewport>();

        // Add the new TestViewport to the ScandyCore Visualizer

        // Start the Visualizer. This will not return return until the window is closed by the user.

        // The Visualizer will continue running until the window is closed by the user.

        return 0;
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  • What Can Scandy Core Do?


Do more in 3D with Scandy Core’s robust tracking capabilities. Keep track of your location in 3D space with Scandy Core’s tracking functionality. You can also easily use a devices’ IMU to further refine your tracking.


Scanning is at the backbone of Scandy Core. Easily start and end the pico flexx’s 3D data stream, set a bounding box size, control fps and exposure. Harness the power of Core and the pico flexx to add 3D scanning capabilities to your project.


Scandy Core renders the raw point cloud data from the pico flexx into a 3D mesh. Scandy Core’s meshing algorithm is robust enough to resolve hundreds of data points while remaining versatile enough to run on a mobile phone. Save and export the mesh as a PLY, STL, or OBJ.


Make Scandy Core work for you by changing the 3D data you capture. We’ll provide tools you usually see in CAD programs to make development go as smoothly as possible.

Hardware Requirements

Supported Language Bindings:

*Coming Soon

Supported Operating Systems:

Android > v5.0

Supported Development Operating Environments:


Detail Range/Accuracy:

Sub-millimeter features with a box of 0.25m3